Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 1- Disaster

I was doing well having my juices all day and 12 pm hit.  Oh, boy, was I hungry.  I started to get headaches, shaky and cold!   We had our first rains in Silicon Valley so I'll I kept craving was my organic  Butternut Squash soup and cup of herbal tea.  I had the tea and  a raw revolution bar.  Yes, I ate. BEING HONEST!  I'm a working mom who commutes so I think I need to drink more juice or an all-fruit smoothie. The program I'm on said it's OK to warm the vegetable juice but not over 118 degrees.  I'm going to try that for day 2. 

I only drank one type of juice on Day 1 or mono-juiced.  It's hard to create different juices when you have to cart it on your commute and store it under you desk at work in a cooler.  I work in the public sector so we have limited refrigeration access at work.  I'm considering buying a fridge for under my desk.  Our fridge at work is growing fuzz, while organic it's not fit for consumption- although it might eat my juice if I leave it in there.
Good news- I still managed to lose .04 lbs.  I'll take it.
Trying better for Day 2.

Best heath wishes you !

Juice for Day 1:
Green Monster
3  apples
4 carrots
2 cucumbers
1 head of green kale
1 head of celery
1/4 inch slice of ginger
1/2 buch of parsley

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